What Is An Author Platform

Obscurity is the disease, your author website is the cure. Your writer platform, in essence, is the variety of ways you use to connect to – and engage with – the ideal readership that is receptive to your work. It’s also the amount of influence you wield, the level of visibility and authority you’ve gained, and the depth of your connection with your readers.

An author needs an author platform. It generates sales, it creates awareness, and it builds relationships for future sales. It also gives you credibility and establishes you as a serious writer. It is not only for authors who wish to self-publish. Authors who publish traditionally are.

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Sep 06, 2017  · Your author platform is the influence you can exert. You want to exert that influence to drive an audience to buy your books. But it’s not that direct. Your platform is your meaningful marketing presence, as much online as in the real world. It’s the sum of all your audiences and your authority, and might include components such as your: Website

Nina G is the author of the recently published book “Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn’t Happen.” With a.

Mar 15, 2018. Creating a huge platform with many thousands of followers might seem like the most obvious way to achieve success. But, there's more to it.

Author Platform Rocket. 2,403 likes · 1 talking about this. Authors: Let us do the marketing for you so you can focus on your writing. The way it should be!

Aug 11, 2018  · Through your author platform, you’ll also be visible to several professionals on the publishing market — which, all of them, value online presence and the follower’s volume, especially for authors with nothing published. A new author is a high-risk one for publishers. However, if you have evidence that you already have fans (meaning.

Apr 9, 2018. A platform offers major advantage when it comes to selling books. Before social media, non-fiction authors had an edge. These authors already.

“Both campaigns spent heavily on Facebook between June and November of 2016,” according to an internal Facebook postelection.

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Oct 7, 2019- Useful tips and information about online publishing, social media, blogging, Web design, and other ways of connecting to readers and writers the Internet.

But in maintaining an active online author platform, it can be all too easy to run out of ideas for fresh, engaging content. If you already have a blog, multiple social.

These join the open access journals in Poland which were launched on the RightsLink Author platform last year. Read and Publish is an agreement that incorporates elements of a traditional subscription.

But the platform doesn’t lend itself to explanation or in-depth. It’s a problem once captured by Luigi Pirandello, the author of the literary text used in the Italian study. "There is someone who.

RightsLink® Author is a sophisticated e-commerce platform that facilitates the collection, management, and reporting of publication charges and delivers a.

Jun 27, 2017  · Basically, the author platform is your visibility — as a writer and expert in the field you’re writing about — and why you, better than anyone else, can attract an audience and sell this book. And yes, it’s also the people you know who can help make this happen.

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10 Great Ideas for Your Author Platform. Set up consistent branding across all your online profiles—including your author website, Amazon Author Central profile, Goodreads author profile, Facebook, and wherever else you appear online. Brainstorm a list of topics for your blog or social media that demonstrate your expertise.

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Author platform. The words strike fear and trembling into the hearts of many a writer. Because, what is an author platform, anyway? Is it all about how many social media likes you can gather? What.

Apr 02, 2018  · An author platform is Newspeak for “fame.” In concrete terms, it means people recognize your name. Perhaps you have won a contest, such as the Nobel Prize. Or maybe you have not sent your kid up in a balloon, or faked a moon landing like those chaps at NASA. People must know who you are in order for you to build a platform.

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May 18, 2015. Author website Platforms A few weeks ago, we shared the nine things every author website should have. These elements will ensure your site.

There are over 600 movies and TV show titles coming to the platform, including a whole lot of animated classics. the film.

I know many authors are blogging and on social media believing they’re there to build a massive platform (whatever that means to them) but that’s not exactly why. The truth is you’re reaching out to readers because you need to learn from them. And by the way, social media is a great place to mine data from customers (readers).

Why is having an author website so important? Why not just focus on free and easy platforms like Facebook and Twitter for your book marketing efforts?

The platform separates the "wheat from chaff" and only lists best. The information set forth herein has been obtained or derived from sources believed by the author to be reliable. However, neither.

Your author platform consists of many things. It's your web presence (website, blog, and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc), your public.

How to Use Google+ as an Author Platform. No matter where you are in the writing process — published or hoping to be – you can do the same. Since that time, I’ve turned my social media success into an online training business and seen many tools come and go. One tool that I.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of becoming an author is creating a solid author platform. But what does that mean…author platform? Once your book is complete and you publish, then what? If you think your readers are going to come seek you out or are going to stumble upon your book, I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t work like that.

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May 27, 2019  · Building out your website alongside drafting your novel might be the best time if you know you’ll be publishing that novel, and if you’re also starting your author platform elsewhere on social media or YouTube. One downside is you must pay for a longer duration and some first-time authors don’t publish for YEARS after conceptualizing.

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That platform will not only take a cut of your revenue but it also will own the relationship with the listener-fans of your authors, or the ebook-reading followers of that new trilogy you’ve just.

Jan 10, 2018  · Ultimately, your website and social media are critical tools to build your author platform. Use these tools to help people understand who you are and why they want to know. By doing so, your platform will allow you to show the world your value and your voice, which is the point of becoming an author in the first place, no? Author Bio: Sarah Saker

All You Need to Know About the Author Platform. by Yuri Burchenya. OK, here's the deal. Being a good writer is simply not enough these days. I know, some of.

Aug 26, 2017. Let's say you are thinking about writing a book of nonfiction and want to have it published by a major publisher. The first thing you need to do is.

Oct 2, 2015. An author platform is a suite of sites, tools or outlets through which an author can assist the publisher in creating sales for his or her book.

Do Authors Need a Platform? Yes, More Than Ever. Carole Jelen and Michael McCallister's book teaches the Author Platform method endorsed by major.

the author owns the platform,” Best added. Substack has been testing these discussions with authors like Daniel Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe, and today is making them available to anyone with a Substack.

Cusumano and Annabelle Gawer. Across seven chapters the authors explain the fundamentals of platforms, different strategies and business models, common errors, and platform battlegrounds of the future.

The platform is free and requires no application. It allows the user access to a community of thousands of women including Jen Rubio, the founder of AWAY, author and editor Elaine Welteroth, Arianna.

We’re working on getting more articles from this author! As a result of this insatiable thirst for data, a new marketing technology Customer Data Platform or CDP—has risen rapidly to become the go-to.

In this module you will learn what an author platform is, how to create one, and how to maximize your marketing potential. Take this Course Course Content Lessons Status 1 Welcome to Marketing: How to Create and Author Platform 2 Author Platform: How to Leverage In-person Marketing 3 How to Sell Your Book with the Go-Giver’s Bob Burg

Below you'll find excerpts from How to Sell a Crapload of Books: 10 Secrets to a Killer Author Marketing Platform, co-authored by Mascot Books' founder Naren.

While by many accounts e-book sales overall have plateaued in recent years, library e-book use is still on the rise: Rakuten.

The NUMBER ONE question we get from authors is. "Can you help me build my author platform & e-mail list so I can sell more books?"

Since I started working with APR Elite Author Marketing Agency my sales have increased 60% over last year. The team and crew are top-notch and have been amazing to work with. They know the industry, they know what works, and they always have my best interest at heart. I highly recommend them to any author looking to build their author brand.

Similarly, for authors, the ability to participate on the platform and have multiple expressions of interest from editors to pick from should reduce the burden of multiple serial submissions and.

I talk a LOT about best practices for author websites and your Amazon page, but people keep ignoring me. I know this because I review author platforms and.

Aug 19, 2018. I've peeked into various strategies on building my author platform but most don't really address my needs as a children's author or my interests.

Practically every SaaS vendor talks about their “platform”. Truth be told, most SaaS vendors are not platforms but merely providers of feature-rich applications. Why does this matter? Simply put,

Ten Tips for Building Book cover for Twitter for Writers Your Author Platform on Twitter. by Rayne Hall. Twitter is a great way to connect with readers. It's easier to.

The RightsLink Author platform is seamlessly integrated with Sheridan Journal Services and eJournalPress (EJP). RightsLink Author offers publishers of all sizes immediate access to the sophisticated.

Traditionally published author Nina Amir shares how to blog a book and other writing tips for nonfiction authors who want to make a real impact with their work.